4 Signs that You are doing Better than You Think

You can’t trust your own brain.  You just can’t!  It will take you down the craziest roads ever, and replay old tapes until you believe them. 

Refresh your life.

And we have scientific proof of this (gotta love the science!).


I mean, once that reptilian brain (I know, it’s instinct!) has replayed 50,000 times the same thought in one day, why wouldn’t you believe it?  It’s kinda like how politicians repeat the same talking points—regardless of any shred of truth—fifty billion times until “common wisdom” also repeats it as true.


Where do they get this stuff?  “Be a politician in 2 easy steps!” ?  Nah, they just took it from the human mind.  The model was right there in front of everybody all along.


So, here you’ve been, toiling away, thinking you weren’t getting anywhere, and then  . . . pause!  And you stop to breathe.  Then look back.  If you don’t turn to salt, almost always you’ll see the long road you’ve mastered from where you started. “Wow,” you say, “I’ve come all that way?”  Who knew. 


And when taking stock, I’ve found these 4 Foundations for a Better Life to be absolutely true:

  1. You are more than you think.  Women, especially, constantly discount themselves.  Maybe because, our generation anyway, was raised to be “modest.”  Hogwash!  We, too, deserve great things.  And that begins with believing in ourselves.

We are all fields of unlimited potential. And once we explore that, wow.  We uncover new layers of ourselves.  New abilities.

All you have to do is—want to be more.


  1. You can Do More than you think.  I mean, a hundred years ago, who could have possibly predicted we’d put a man on the moon?  A bit before that, everybody thought Orville and Wilbur were wonkos.

Who’s to say what’s possible?  Especially for you?  Nobody thought we’d break the 4-minute mile.  Happened.  And who thought, even a decade or two ago, that an African-American would be President?

All you have to do is—take steps to be more.


  1. You can Dream More than You Think. How many of us let go of our dreams from youth, plugging into the “responsible” mundane of life?  And while yeah, you have to do the latter, it doesn’t mean giving up the former.  That’s a sure prescription for every negative thing I know.

Who says you have to give up your Dreams?  I have a writing mentor, whose story simply sustains me.  One of my very favorite authors in the world is Norman Maclean.  An English professor throughout his adult life, upon retirement he began writing. His slim novella was rejected by so many publishers I forget the count.  As one said, “This has trees in it.”  But finally, the simply magnificent A River Runs Through It was published—when Maclean was in his 70s.

All you have to do is—keep the dream alive. 


  1. You are Loved more than You Think.  We can all get on that pity pot, feel underappreciated, etc., etc., etc.  Boy, is it quite difficult to stop that train once it leaves the station!

But, stop it!  Because I don’t care who you are—somebody loves you.  In all likelihood, lots of bodies do.  We lose sight of that by not appreciating the signs they show us.  We gloss over it, and focus on the negative.  Wow, what a gift we’re leaving on the fertile ground of humanity!

Appreciate the gifts given by your fellow man.

All you have to do is—open your eyes and see. 


Because you know, life is good.  Yep, it comes with lots of crap too.  But when it comes down to it, as Louis Armstrong sang, “It’s a wonderful world.”


And you belong.




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