What Do You Do When Life Is Insane?

What Do You Do When Life Is Insane?

Who am I?

when life is insane

Oh, dear Lord.  I have no idea!

Although I must say, I’m in a better place than I was a couple of months ago.

Then, I’d just gotten to work after 3 days off.  Well, 3 days off from actual vocational work.  Which meant no writing, blogging, posting, business email, or editing.  All of which occurs every weekday here.

But of course, the reason for that was that I had Labrador puppies.  Five of them.  Scampering around the puppy room like little lunatics because it’d rained so much and so persistently that they couldn’t go outside, their puppy yard being a lake.  Thank god I built on the puppy room!

And we were at the age of receiving visitors, so on all 3 days waves of folks came to see them.  Who can blame anybody?  These are the cutest babies on the planet.  Little stuffed toys come to life.  And people getting one have to come visit before take-home day. After they’ve successfully navigated through reams of background checks and family history, convincing me my puppy will have the best life possible.  And then pass a CIA exam.

And of course for my purposes, the “official” grading then began and I was pretty sure who I’d be keeping J  Okay, so I was sure.  Named too—both registered and call names in the hopper.

Did I mention I love Labradors? See how easy I can get off track.

But anyhow, for all 3 days I was immersed in all that.  Plus the regular cleaning the room and mopping and . . .

Yes, I do tend to get carried away!

So finally early that morning, after feeding the whole crew, I sat back at my desk.


Just, where do you begin?  Like you, I juggle far too many balls in the air.  And you know when you’re juggling and happy to keep afloat and your eye drifts for a nano-second and . . .

Yep, they all crash around you in a heap.

Which is what my desk looked like.

I truly thought to just bury my head back under the pillow!

Okay, no.  That thinking doesn’t work. If I’da given that another moment’s thought, I knew exactly where the day’s road would go.  Been there!

And of course, I know what will work.

I usually meditate in the middle of the day, but as soon as I pressed save on my work, I sat quietly, breathing.  At least for a bit.  One task was already done (of course, I love the writing the most of all things on this desk, so it gets accomplished first J

The mediation calmed me—both mind and body.  I saw this desk with new eyes (and a new smile!).  I knew my day and then my week would be stellar.  Each one filled with new successes and joy.  Ah!  I felt better already!

I recount this now as, well, life is of course crazy with or without babies.  But now as I sit here with all of the items that need to get done today and before I start to panic, I can remember that time.  And that I got through it.  Successfully.  And then today doesn’t seem so overwhelming.  Then I can take a deep breath and dive in.

What do you do when life is insane?


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  1. Reading this calmed me from the panic of my responsibilities, which are probably MUCH less than yours.

    1. Glad it gave you some calm, Kevin! Your response reminded me of when my mother used to tell me not to compare lives. Our lives, responsibilities, troubles, are all so real to us! And ours to deal with. And I happen to know your life is pretty chaotic! You do a great job of managing it 🙂

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