We Have This Hope As An Anchor And Things Will Get Better

We Have This Hope As An Anchor And Things Will Get Better

We all go through dark times.  Funny thing about this life—bad stuff will happen.  It just will.

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And sometimes, it seems as though the negative stays and stays, moving in like a rabble-rousing relative who refuses to vacate the premises.

Sadly, beating it over the head won’t send it away.  In fact, the converse is true—the more energy you give to the negative, the more it expands. 

I just had this happen.  My life got a little too nuts.  Way too much to do, and in all areas of my world, leading up to some major events.

Nobody was doing things to suit me.  Because of course I was getting a bit panicky, and the more I acquiesced to that, the more energy I gave to it, the more apparent it seemed that folks weren’t doing what they needed to be doing!

And, the more I messed up as well.  Because, well, when in panic mode, you just screw things up. 

This built and built until someone hacked into my website and took it down.  Entirely.  It disappeared.  Right before I Just Came Here to Dance launched.

If you insist on staying in panic, the Universe will surely give you bigger and bigger opportunities to do so. That Universe is funny like that—it gives you what you keep your attention tuned to.

While this may sound airy-fairy, new-agey to some, it’s a psychological truth as well.  What you focus upon grows in your subconscious, filters into your conscious mind, and you make decisions and take actions based on it. 

For good or for bad.

If you truly believe the light at the end of the tunnel is a train, you’ll make decisions based on that (such as jumping off the trundle bridge to your death or broken bones).  I’m not saying that said proverbial light is never a train, but the vast majority of the time it’s simple sunlight. 

You know, kinda like Occam’s Razor.  That old principle that if you hear footsteps, it’s almost always a horse.  Yep, it can be a zebra, but the simplest answer is true the vast majority of the time.

There is truly only one antidote to this, and it doesn’t reside in the outer world.

It all starts in your head. 

The old saying, ‘What you resist, persists’ is also a psychological as well as a spiritual truth.  For the same reason—you’re giving your focus and energy to it.  Because what you think about expands.  And that’s what you make decisions upon.

The good news is that we have this hope as an anchor.  If life circumstances go South, we can focus on the warm sunshine on our shoulders, as John Denver sang.  Corny, yep, but nonetheless effective.

When my world went to Hades without pomegranate seeds to sustain me, I did what any conscious woman would do—I stopped.  I turned over the website issues to folks who know those things.  I had a nice glass of Chardonnay, and sat in the warm evening air with my dogs around me.

And I felt grateful for the sun’s late slanted rays, the oaky-vanilla chard on my tongue, and the big fat slurps and antics of fur kids who could care less about websites (no matter how often I tell them that puts puppy chow in the bowls!). 

I could truly appreciate what I had and have.

And from that, I have hope.

Of course the issues got resolved, I took my mind out of control mode and let folks do what they do best, appreciating all that they had done and were doing.

I put my focus on what mattered, and the energy field around me shifted.

No matter the circumstances, there is always light.  Perhaps a tiny pinprick, but it’s there.  And the more you focus on it, the larger it grows. 

And sooner or later, you find yourself back in that coveted Zone, and all is again going well.

How do you deal with the darkness?

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  1. Hi Susan! You probably guessed that I agree with all your statements in this post. As an optimist, I know that bad stuff still happens. I just refuse to let it keep me down and instead turn my attention to solutions and the good in the world. There is always light at the end of the tunnel for me too. Thanks for the reminders! ~Kathy

    1. It’s the turning our attention to the solutions and the good in the world that works, Kathy! I love that. Thank you!

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