Energy fields surround us.  Many are dubious, I know.  But proof has come to me in so many ways, even my own skeptical mind accepts it.

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I like science to back up my beliefs.  LOL.  Yes, the biblical Hebrews talks about faith being the evidence of things not seen, and that is surely true.  But don’t’cha love when science bolsters your beliefs?


Many studies have been done proving that prayer actually works, especially in physical-healing situations.  So many, that I’m not even going to list one here, even though I so love to do so.  LOL. And yes, I know, other studies have arrived to negate that.  But if faced with conflicting evidence, one thing I know for true is when I focus on the positive thoughts, that’s what manifests in my life.


I routinely send my friends whatever sort of healing they need in the moment.  Be it physical or emotional.  Be it peace or success in some endeavor.  Some folks call this prayer, and sometimes, I do too.  Some folks call these affirmations.  And sometimes, I do too.


But I couldn’t honestly care less about the labels. I mean, who has time?  And labels just anger those set on one belief system or another.  Sometimes it’s just danged hard to keep up with who believes what 🙂


Whether you call that Source Fred or Quantum Physics, it’s all the same in the end.


The thing is, in my own life and that of many others I personally know, I’ve watched amazing things occur through the practice of giving positive energy, in whatever form.  A Course in Miracles says there is no degree of difficulty in miracles, and I’ve sure found this to be the case.  From what we perceive as the tiniest success through the curing of cancer, I’ve seen this work.


What all of this does is not to change God’s perception of the problem, but to change the consciousness of the one praying.  Which lifts the energy field.  Which eases the problem, whatever that may be.


As one of my fav authors, Alice Walker, said: “Teach yourself peace.  Pass it on.”


We’ve just come through the Christmas season—the one of love and laughter and light.  And then we tend to forget all of that when January smacks us in the face.  For all the plethora of reasons we all know.


But what if we played Christmas all year long?  So, pretending the season is still with us, I send you joyful thinking.  I send you a season of happiness and stories, of your own myths in the making.   Whatever may come your way, take the good and leave the rest. Couch all of the events of your life in a manner to make you smile, to cause you to grow.


Keep your eye on the prize!



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