5 Books that you should read right now

Don’t’cha just love when someone tells you to do something?  My first reaction is always to go the other way!

But I’m writing this for a reason.  LOL.


I have people ask me, literally every day, for something good to read.  Every single day.  Because they can’t find anything worth reading.

And I know why.  This has been the case for a long while now, but the past few years, with the explosion of eBooks, finding good ones has grown tougher and tougher.

The Bestseller’s list isn’t about good books.  Horrors!  Did I admit that?  Yes.  I’ve admitted it for decades.  And behind closed doors, agents and editors and publishers have as well.  What sells best isn’t about quality, but rather, marketing.  And the marketing dollars go to the already-famous authors.  Catch 22, but that’s how it is.

Amazon has a tracking system that shows how far readers get in books.  Scary, no?  That’s a subject for another day, but suffice to say, very few readers actually finish a book.  In fact, very few get far into one at all.  Tells you what they think of these .99 cent and free downloads as well.

But I digress.  Let’s talk about a few good books out there, which will entertain you and I can vouch for!


  1.      Like Category Romance? Try the Romantic Thriller (with some cool politics thrown in), Home by Christmas by Rory Church.  So well written, with palpable tension, and the romantic parts will get your blood rushing.

As a reviewer said, “This is a story that will fire the reader’s imagination. This writer has a creative style that transcends the romantic genre; a talent he could well explore in espionage thrillers. I liked this novel and will recommend it to others who like romance with a dash of adventure.”


  1.     Like Literary Comedy? Trouble Brewing by Paul Ambercrombie is a hilarious romp through a murder at a brewery.  I laughed till I nearly peed myself!

This reviewer summed it up: “An utterly tasteless wild romp of a read, with all the wry lyricism of Hiaasen. By page 40, I was unable to put it down!”


  1.      What about ‘Tweener Mystery? Kevin Don Porter’s Missing is just beautifully done, the issues of race so subtly woven in that they’re part of the fabric rather than sticking out like chartreuse thumbs.

As one review said:  “…an exhilarating read filled with very amusing, detailed characters…Suspense I didn’t see coming that will put you on the edge of your seat…”
 — AAMBC Book Club


  1.     How about some really fabulous Women’s Fiction? This one’s been out a while, but it’s still a book I truly Love.  Ginnie Bivona’s Ida Mae Tutweiler and the Traveling Tea Party will make your heart sing.   Made into a Hallmark film entitled Bound by a Secret (which I promise, pales greatly compared to the book), this is a story you’ll always remember.

And if you think you’ve read this sort of story before, as one reviewer said, “Ms. Bivona does a wonderful job. This story about friendship is different from any that I have ever read. The friendship-bond story can be over used; Ms. Bivona did anything but.”

 5.       Love Historical Mystery? Ona Russell’s O’Brien’s Desk will take you back in time while keeping you glued to the story.

“The daily details, smoothly integrated into narrative, give her tale a pleasing, authentic ring.” — The Historical Novels Review, February 2005


So, some old, some new, some in between, but all great reading!


What have you read of late?




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  1. Susan, thank you for including MISSING in the company of such great books! I am SO grateful!

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