The Quest Part 9: THE TURN FOR HOME

Reward over!

reward over

Well, that was abrupt. And quite sadly, it usually is.


How rude. I mean, here you were, having faced the big inner demons.  Basking in your reward, whatever that was.  Feeling pretty dang good about yourself and where you are on this journey.  Ready to tackle it again!


And wham!  Not always but most of the time you walk straight into a wall of demons.  Fangs bloody, snarling and foaming, oh-so glad to see you, my pretty! 


Seriously?  I mean, what the heck!  You were supposed to get some clear sailing now, right?


The universe does have a sense of humor.


Invariably, you lace up those metaphorical running shoes again only to find—in the early morning darkness—that it’s sleeting, temps plunging, wind-chill in the teens.  The car won’t start.  Your boss dumps another ton of paperwork on your head (doesn’t he know you have a more important project to dive into?).  Or in my case, just back from a long, invigorating vacation, the Internet won’t work.  Again!


Maybe it’s the cosmic joke of dumping you back in the grease after being plunged in cold water to rest from the cooking.  I don’t know.  But here it all comes at you once more.


After basking in that comfort, we feel the pull of resting there a bit longer . . . Something has to impel us forward again.  And while that can be inner resolve, usually some external force pops up.  Tell me there isn’t some plan in place . . .


Admit it—you liked that reward.  A lot.  And a part of you was going, well, we could just sort of stay here . . .   Forever sounds nice.  It’s easy to get lulled into a peaceful place, and get distracted here by the soughing of the wind through the trees.  Or as our travelers did in the Wizard of Oz, succumb to the lure of poppies.  Gotta watch those poppies every time . . .


One way or another, our energy has ebbed.  And we need a push to get us going again.  We still have a lot of forces to face on this quest . . .   Are you up to it?


This also has the effect of bringing back up your central fears and foes.  But we just slayed those, right?  That was the point of facing those internal demons!  Yep.  It was.  But they have a way of returning after retreating.  Ergo the fangs and snarling, foaming mouths . . .   Takes more than one round to banish them.  Faults and flaws, fears, desires, even addictions rear their pointy heads again.


Perhaps now you have to run from a new foe, not yet prepared to face it.  Perhaps the thing you’ve been chasing has run away from you!  Perhaps sailing around the world, with the shore in sight, your sail rips clean in two.


Honestly, this is a good thing.  I know, I know, tough to see in the moment.  But what these obstacles do is to rev up the energy once more.  They propel you not just to get you going again, but to recommit, to remember what you’re fighting for.  To prepare you for what still lies ahead.  Because even though tamed, the internal beasts that caused this to be a quest—although perhaps quiescent for a time—are not entirely slain.


But remember—the bigger the dragon you chew, the stronger your energy in the end. 


So if what you face seems daunting, rejoice!  Just think of the strength and courage you will gain from besting it.


And best it you will.  Now, go run to face your foe!



Title: The Quest Part 9: THE TURN FOR HOME

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Meta Description: So if what you face seems daunting, rejoice!  Just think of the strength and courage you will gain from besting it.

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