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Many writers piecemeal editing books, which leaves crucial steps missing in a novel’s or non-fiction book’s development. The most successful method for bringing a manuscript to publication is to provide all of a book’s editing in ONE comprehensive package. That leaves no stone unturned, and whether you’re self-publishing or going the traditional route, you know when your book goes to press that it’s truly ready to go.

Malone offers a Comprehensive Developmental Editing Package-for Fiction & Nonfiction Manuscripts-from an award-winning book author and editor:

Step 1:

Comprehensive, In-depth Developmental Editing.

I dig deeply into the substance of your manuscript, and my developmental editing services go beyond JUST copyediting. I provide a thorough, substantive manuscript edit and comprehensive critique (15-30 pages, correlated specifically to the pages), genre-specific if applicable. I delve into characterization, plotting and pacing, organization and structure, voice and tone, literary devices, all stylistic elements, and overall substance.

Step 2:

UNLIMITED Mentoring & Coaching through Revisions & Beyond!

I’m a book (and short-story) editor of the old school-very hands on-and am with my writers for the duration. I am YOUR personal mentor and coach-from initial revisions to publication. I’ll teach you ALL the elements of great book and short-story writing, for both fiction and nonfiction, so that YOU, the writer, can apply it directly to your next manuscript.

I’m here as YOUR WRITING COACH-as often and as LONG as you need me!

Step 3:

Copyediting, Proofing, & Manuscript/Book Review

Once all revisions are completed, you return your revised manuscript to me for the copyediting/proofing/review process. This step allows us BOTH to know that the book is TRULY ready to market!

Step 4:

Need connections with Agents & Publishers?


My clients include NY Times Bestselling authors, famous Texas authors, and Texas female authors, as well as award-winning authors of the best books about Texas and the world beyond. As an experienced book editor, I have well-established connections with agents and publishers. I help you connect with the right agent for your book!

For more information contact me at the address below.

Malone Editorial Services

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