Well, yeah.  It is not news to women but men are idiots.  And now we have a study in the British Medical Journal confirming it!  As if we needed that.  Any person on the planet who even knows a man already knew this.  But since it’s now a scientific fact, we can gleefully play with it and not be called misogynists  LOL!


Sex differences in mortality and admissions to hospital emergency rooms have been documented forever.  So many studies have been done on this, I won’t even list a link.  I mean, it’s everywhere!  Basically what they all prove is that men are more at risk than women. 

Of course men have more sporting injuries.  Nobody ever said men were very bright when it comes to competition.  Reference the NFL.  Of which I am a fan.  Once long ago I heard an interview with Mike Ditka, and he talked about the nuances of Xs and Os in football.  But in the end, he said, “Guys just want to hit each other.”

Pretty much sums it up.

I’m a huge Hemingway fan.  But truly, isn’t The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona  idiocy of the highest form?  I mean, really.  When the entire point of a “sporting” event is to come out alive and ungored?  That’s the point?!?  Simply brilliance.  And Hemingway waxed wistfully about it all his life . . .

Five Keys for Understanding Men attributes this to assuaging fears of castration.  Yep, we always knew their brains lived in the little head . . .  LOL.


And we know the risk of testosterone poisoning when behind the wheel of an automobile.  As far back as 1997 we had studies about aggressive male drivers.  I mean, we needed a study for this?  LOL.  They found that many traffic jams were due to the male of the species’ competitive nature when driving, zigging and zagging to get ahead of maybe two other cars in congested traffic.

 Any woman who has ever ridden in the car with a male driver can tell you that! 

A lot of folks will say that this is all due to different environmental influences between the raising of females vs. males.  The old nature-vs-nurture debate.  I once believed that too, long ago. And then all the babies started coming and it was apparent to a blind woman that boys and girls are just different.  Period.  Risk- seeking behaviors can be seen from an early age in the boys—at much higher rates than girls.  There’re a lot of studies about that too.  Far beit they just ask a mom!

I first heard about this new BMJ study about men being idiots on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.  Who reported it with quite the straight face.  But my favorite part was his conclusion.  At which I fell off the couch laughing.  Because Williams’ final sentence truly sums up the difference in men and women!  The whole enchilada in a hot tortilla.

Because even funnier to me—which I knew would happen—is that universally, women don’t get Williams’ summation.  Just don’t get it.  My own blogging coach (a woman) came back with, “What is this?”  Maybe it was because I was raised with three older brothers, and grew up doing guy stuff and being around them.  Maybe that’s why I “get” it.  But I still chuckle at William’s conclusion of the piece:

He said, “I just have two words for this: Chuck Yeager.”

That’s a man for ya!




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  1. Renee and I talk about how war seems to be nothing more than men in power using the rest of us as chess pieces in their game of “let’s hit each other”? Oy!

    1. There is something to that, Andi! It reminds me of that old Bob Dylan song, “Masters of War,” which begins with:
      “Come you masters of war
      You that build all the guns
      You that build the death planes
      You that build the big bombs
      You that hide behind walls
      You that hide behind desks
      I just want you to know
      I can see through your masks”

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