Do We Remember The Importance Of Non-virtual Friendships

Do We Remember The Importance Of Non-virtual Friendships

Friendship is more than clicking on a “like.”  You know that, of course.  We all do.  But in this age of social media, sometimes the lines sure get blurred.

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I love keeping up with my friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Laughing—you can tell what demographic I’m in!  But those two fit with me 🙂 

Don’t you though?  On whichever social-media sites you choose, it’s so easy to see what everybody’s doing.  I have to laugh too, in the show-dog world of things, we get to see folks touting their wins and dogs, to the point of hysteria sometimes!  But at least I see what they’re producing.

Somehow I always digress into a discussion about dogs 🙂   Or wine.  Or books.  Or preferably all 3!

Back to friends!  Many of whom for me are connected to those three.  So I’m not that far off track.

I often click likes on people’s posts who are not actually my friends.  I mean, they’re my FB friends.  Or Twitter ones.  Folks I like on those social-media sites.  But a “friend” is of course something different.

I’m not one to post my sorrows or traumas either, although my real friends know about them.  I think that may be a demographic thing too.  But I’m always fairly shocked when people post their dirty laundry, such as the ins-and-outs of divorce.  Or some dispute with another friend.  Or pictures of their surgical wounds.  Eeeek!  Or the fight they had with their mothers.

Again, real friends—those of the actual rather than virtual variety—know all that anyway.

True friendship of course takes time and energy.  And effort.  Yes, we all know that.  But in the hectic course of our lives, sometimes that gets pushed aside.  Especially with so many “virtual” friends having your back.  Or so it seems.

I was just reminded of this in a beautiful way yesterday.  An old and dear friend who had moved away years ago to one of those mid-western states, came back for a visit, staying with other dear friends of mine, who live an hour away.  She was to be here only a short couple of days, so I took off early and drove over for a visit (I know, right! Me—taking off half a work day!  LOL).

Oh, my, what an absolute joy to see Pat, to hug her neck, to talk and laugh as if I saw her yesterday.  I just love this woman. She’s brilliant and funny, with a wicked sense of humor (my favorite kind!) and a ready laugh.  She’s also insightful and caring and man, when I left did I realize how much I miss having her in my life.

Of course we all spent a good deal of time trying to coerce her to move back to Texas J  Yes, friendships can surely be sustained from a thousand miles apart.  But there is nothing at all like eye contact and hugs and all things that come from actual, rather than virtual, contact.

What a gift that day was.  How I cherish my friends—both old and new.  How very blessed I am to have them.

How blessed are you with friendship?


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  1. Susan,
    I love this post and it is so true to be grateful for the friends we have and I feel the same way. It’s important and cherish each person for their individualist. A great post.
    Lori English

    1. The people in our lives are just worth cherishing, aren’t they, Lori!

  2. Hi Susan! I have been reading your blog for long enough to know that if I can get myself to Texas or get you to California we would be fast friends. But it’s true, until you share a glass of wine and look into each other’s eyes, friendship is limited. Of course I also believe in vibration and intentionality so I know, if it’s meant to be it will happen. I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later. And yes, I’d love to meet all your fur-babies too! ~Kathy

    1. We will have that wine and long visit, Kathy–I feel it coming! How wonderful that will be!

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