Make A Good Choice Today

Ah, the holidays are upon us!  I’ve finally gotten away from stressing over shopping and presents (as my friends and family can attest!), and spend the holiday time enjoying folks. And eating.  Lots of eating.  Which makes me happy 🙂

How to Make A Good Choice Today

Most of the time, I avoid sugar.  But this is the free-pass season.  And my very fav is the fudge Beth Clark makes.  Oh, it’s melt-in-your-mouth smooth and creamy and rich.  It’s also ruined me for any other fudge on the planet.  We made a deal, Beth and I, a year back.  She and Dave took home one of my loves, the fabulous Luna Labrador, and the trade was her Christmas fudge for life.  Which makes us all happy 🙂


Of course looming right after all these holidays comes New Year’s, with her litany of resolutions, most of which I always believe stems from the holiday indulgences.  I mean, I’m not alone in O’Ding on sugar during this time, and a host of other consumption that is better left in bits and dribbles rather than whole-pie gluttony.  So, we feel a tad guilty once the parties are all over, and those jeans, well, just put them in the back of the closet for now.


And guilt does funny things.  It causes angst.  And angst doesn’t make me happy so I avoid that part at all costs.  But angst causes those proclamations of, “I’ll never eat sugar again!” Kinda the Scarlet O’Hara vow, in reverse.  


I’m not immune to them, and at one point in life was actually serious when saying such things.  Even though I’ve learned they’re silly, they still arise like old dragging tapes in my head.


But I do know that once you’ve made said proclamation, set out with the best of intentions, ate carrots and celery for a week, your body now starving and pissed off, you fall off that wagon as if the wheel broke.


And then you get angry, berating yourself.  All those old negative words come flooding in.


Which then makes you feel guilty again.  And the cycle continues.


I’m a big fan of recovery groups.  I was a grateful Al-Anon (for friends and family of alcoholics) for many years.  Yep, gotta love those alcoholics!  But I still bless the one who got me there.


We all learn through different ways, and that was one of my ways.  And no matter how trite it sounds, the old saying works: Take it one day at a time.


It works when I’m writing a novel (otherwise I’d simply sit down with a glass of wine and forget it).  It works when training dogs (they’ll sure keep you in the moment).  And it works when that pesky old sugar calls my name from the cabinet. (Horrors!  Thought I tossed that out!).


But now when I leap off that wagon, I shrug it off rather than beat myself with a stick.  Because I can make a different choice.  Not tomorrow, but today.  If I have a piece of chocolate, I can pat myself on the back for the anti-oxidants, and leave it at that.  Today, this very day, I can make a good choice.  Even if the one an hour ago was not-so-stellar.  


Because I believe as author Jack Canfield states:

“By taking the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you’ve achieved – and perhaps learned through a few mistakes, stumbles and losses – you actually can enhance everything about you. Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments.


How do you deal with mistakes to make a better choice today?




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