Don’t Forget This: Life Is A True Gift

Don’t Forget This: Life Is A True Gift

Many times our worlds are full of pain.  Our family has had its fair share the last many years.  Illness, hospitals, dying and death.  Sometimes it seems like that’s all there is.  Especially when you’re slogging through the endless muck of it all.

life is a gift

And in the midst of it, often remembering that life is a gift can be quite difficult.  Sorrow, sadness, regret—they all play parts in the worlds we inherit and create.

I’m always struck at these times about how life does go on.  You know, when you see folks going about their business as if all is well.  And I’ll think, don’t they know my mom just died?  Or my sister has cancer?  How can they be so cheerful?

Grief of whatever sort just does that to ya.  It’s part and parcel of the process.

And then something always seems to spin my world back around. Turning it back the right way.

As my sister was diagnosed with cancer, I had new Labrador babies.  It helped, in an odd sort of way, if only to take my mind off of the horror we face.  And of course, to be a part of new life.  What a joy.

Today, however, a more momentous event occurred.

I’m a grand aunt!  I know, I know, that should read: My niece had a beautiful healthy baby boy!

But we tend to focus on ourselves at such times, no?  🙂

The circle of life is such an amazing thing.  And just about the time you think you can’t take any more of the sadness, new birth occurs.  A new baby in the family!  Who’s precious and nursing and doing all those things new babies are supposed to do.  He’s great.  His mom’s great (although I’m not exactly sure she’d put it in those terms right now! But she is smiling 🙂 ).  No complications.

Just Joy.  Just Joy.

I’d say the kind we all needed right now but that’s not his raison d’etre 🙂  His point is just to be here.

All Zen and everything 🙂

I’m gushing.  And I don’t care!  Our new baby is here!

And what a present he is.  What a precious offering new life is.

And I’m reminded yet again—Life is a gift.  It’s ours to take and do with as we will.  And the clean slate of Clark James (named partly for my father) comes full circle again.

I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Mom.  Praying healing for my sister.

But right now, my tears are of Joy.

Thank you, God.  I treasure the gift you gave me in being here.


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