I Just Came Here To Dance

I Just Came Here To Dance



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When you dance, the whole Universe dances.” (Rumi)

When myth and desire collide, can the simple truth prevail?

Paula Anne Fairbanks understands all about the unexamined life. And she likes hers that way. Until her world gets ripped smooth apart.

Running from reality, Paula falls under the mythological spells being spun on Diana Maclean’s porch. Surely Paula’s own choices aren’t to blame for the summer of insanity she spends at Diana’s (known as the White Witch of Sociable, Texas). But do the stories that Diana tells relate at all to real life? If so, is existence then, truly a fairy tale?

I Just Came Here to Dance, a modern allegory, waltzes atop the line between the creative and the crazy, between the sacred and the maligned. Through myths it weaves together the multi-layers of personal Self with that of the collective whole. And finally, Paula Anne and the townsfolk learn the simplest of truths—that the fire’s ashes produce wisdom and courage, just as the stories say.

“I rarely read fiction anymore, but Susan Mary Malone’s novel has won back my fiction heart again. I wish more novelists would literally take a page from Susan’s soulfully beautiful book and write with such depth and passion. I felt like I was peeking through the curtains of her characters and watching their lives unfold before my eyes–the sign of a good fiction author/writer. I became a part of her book – the reader as the observer. I was entranced with her richly textured characters. I loved that her characters sound like real people with real problems and drama, and not cookie-cutter characters just thrown into the middle of a plot. I highly, highly recommend this book for women’s book clubs as the messages are strong and empowering. Women will be able to relate to Susan’s strong female characters. A book that will move your heart and soul!” –Therese Pope, Amazon reviewer

“This is a wonderful piece of literature from an author who’s in total control of her craft. From the very first page, the characters leap from the pages in vivid description and meticulous imagery. I loved the story which takes place in a small Texas town. You get to know the characters well, and find yourself emerging yourself in their lives. I highly recommend this outstanding book which is destined for the bestsellers list!” –Randy Mitchell, Amazon reviewer

“This story had me hooked from the first page. All the characters are so fully developed you feel as if you could “sit on the porch” with them for hours and still learn something new about them each time – and also about yourself. I especially related to the small town Texas attitude toward women so I was rooting for Diana and all her “strays” from beginning to end. This is a story that will stay with you for a very long time.” –Daniel Gutierrez, Amazon reviewer

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