I Did Find Joy, And You Can Too

We all know that happiness, peace, joy are all things you find within you.  Right? All the gurus in all the world’s traditions tell us that.  From Jesus saying, “The kingdom of heaven is within you,” to Pharrell’s Grammy Winning “Happiness is the truth,” the message is the same.

bright portrait of a happy little girl.

Heaven is not “out there,” any more than are all those positive things that we strive for.  We want those feelings, the peace of which the sages speak, the laughter and joy in living this life.

And one thing I know for true is that if you give people a choice between attaining the brass ring or living in a state of peace, they always choose the latter.  May not seem that way on the surface, but dig down just a bit and that’s always the answer I receive.  Always.

You don’t have to get banged up too many times in this life to realize that.

My ultimate goal may be to see my books on the NY Times Bestseller List.  We all need a prize to strive for!  Would I love that?  You bet.  Would it make me happy?  I don’t know!  I haven’t gotten there yet J  But I do know that reaching that level brings its own headaches along with the satisfaction.

And more to the point, the other thing I know for absolute true is that it couldn’t possibly bring me more joy than a well-turned phrase being typed through my fingers from some place deep in the subconscious about which I was only nominally aware.  Writing is a gift that I never take for granted.  I.e., it’s in the doing of it that the ultimate happiness comes.

Writing is what brings me joy.  Even if nobody reads it but me.

That, again, is the “doing” part.  Because the gist of what I’ve found for true is that’s only a piece (a small piece) of where joy resides.

The real place it lives is in being, rather than doing.  In being Happiness.  In being Peace.  In being Joy.  All of those things are within us.  Hard to see at some junctures, especially in times of trials and tribulations, but they’re there.

I think of the ego (which keeps us ever striving, ever focused on whatever goal) as somewhat like Michelangelo’s blocks of marble out of which he carved breathtaking statues.  Of this he said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” 

We’re like that.  Beneath the ego the true self lives.  The ever-changeless, ever-peaceful, the part of ourselves that remains connected to the Source, whatever you perceive that to be.  All we need do is chip away at the stone pieces of ego until the angel within is revealed.  It’s there in all of us.  It’s the very essence of each of us.

This can be a lifelong process.  Hm.  We can take the qualifier out of that—it is a lifelong process.  Perhaps that’s the entire point of this life—to chisel away until we find that piece of heaven alive under the stone.  And each time we uncover a new layer, ah, the life lessons we’ve learned!

And oh, the joy that’s then unleashed!  And for a time we bask in a happiness, a peace, a joy that passeth all understanding.  We rest in the knowledge that we are alive and that life is perfect, if just for that instant.

Once you grasp even a touch of that, it changes you.  And you know, irrefutably, that you too can find joy.

How do you Be Joy?


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