How Do You Love The World You Have Created?

How Do You Love The World You Have Created?

We all have dreams, right?  Goals, ambitions, objectives—you know, all those things you spend time visioning about, planning for, breaking down into achievable steps.  Wanting.  If you don’t have passion for a goal, it’s not a dream but someone else’s idea for you.  So you do need that surging desire to fuel the wind under your wings.


And often, we get so entirely wrapped up in that focus.  Keeping our eyes on the prize.  Working hard.  The wanting can be so strong that it does literally drive us.  Which is great while you’re actually doing the endeavor that’s a part of the plan.  Especially when you get in the zone of it.

But often, we forget that the worlds we’ve created so far are pretty danged nice.  One of the issues with visioning is that if you’re constantly seeing a big shiny new house, the one you’re actually living in naturally pales in comparison.

As a young lady told me recently, while doing just this, the place where she now resided fell apart around her.  “What did I do wrong?” she cried.

“Perhaps you need to appreciate the four walls around you today,” was my (and the obvious) response.

Of course she knew this.  The thing is, while we’re in the midst of all that desiring, we can sure lose sight of what we have.  And being content flies straight out the window.

I’ve had that happen recently.  I’m pursuing a big dream (aren’t they all!), which is taking my entire focus.  I’m working very long hours, and have been for a while.  Much of it is exacting.  Of course I have my business to run simultaneously.  Oh, and a gaggle of Labradors who let me know—quite loudly—when they feel dissed because I work too much.

And I do spend a lot of time pumping myself up. But I can feel the prize. I can taste it.  The sweet aroma of its full-fruited fragrance fills the air around me.

That keeps me going, even when I get in the slog!  LOL

But this very week I let the “tiredness” weigh me down.  In short, I got grumpy.  Grumpy!  Me!  My generally cheerful self gave way to that child within who said, “I don’t wanna!  Life is hard.”

Sometimes my thinkin’ gets so stinkin’ it takes that spoiled brat’s voice to wake me back up.

Because the reality is, my life is pretty danged fabulous.  Yes, I work long hours.  But I don’t have to commute to work.  I don’t have to dress (ah, shorts in the summer all day!).  Yes, there are not enough hours in the day.  But I get a lot stuffed into them.  And though my fur kids might complain at times, we all get to be together throughout the day.  In fact, we walked early this morning before the heat got up.  If I still lived in corporate America, that wouldn’t be happening . . .

So anytime I feel those blues bubble up (or my inner child screams!), I know the day has arrived for me to start loving life again.  My life.  My world.  The one I’ve created out of the ethers, and when I’m thinking straight, a domain I love and am so grateful to be in.  To take stock of it, to appreciate it.

And I’m always reminded of one of my favorite quotes, by the poet Walt Whitman: “Happiness not in another place, but this place…not for another hour, but this hour…”  — Leaves of Grass

How do you love the world you have created?


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    1. It comes to us, no, Dorothy! But focus on the prize!

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