Fourth and Long: The Kent Waldrep Story

Fourth and Long: The Kent Waldrep Story



On October 26, 1974, during a hard-fought Alabama/Texas Christian University football game, TCU star running back Ken Waldrep ran into a wall of Alabama tacklers and landed head-first on the artificial turf.

His life as a star athlete was finished.

But quadriplegia couldn’t slow him down. At 25, Kent formed what became the American Paralysis Foundation. As vice-chair of the National Council on Disability (appointed by Ronald Reagan), Kent helped draft the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Recent advances in spinal cord injury keep proving out his belief in a cure, to which Kent Waldrep has dedicated his life.

FOURTH AND LONG: The Kent Waldrep Story is available on Amazon from The Crossroad Publishing Company as hardcover non-fiction.

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