Five Keys for Understanding Men, A Woman’s Guide

Five Keys for Understanding Men, A Woman’s Guide



Understanding men has baffled women since the time of Adam and Eve. But among psychiatric professionals, the mystery called man is well known. From the profound insights of a male psychoanalyst, this privileged information finally becomes public.

Five principles drive the lives of men. By knowing them, anyone can understand the majority of male behavior, and learn to predict it.

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The Five Golden Keys

“He’s a walking contradiction/Partly truth and partly fiction.” –Kris Kristofferson

My Kitchen Table, Over Diet Coke:

“I can’t believe men think that way!” Susan, my sister, said. “Does testosterone remove all powers of reason?”

“Don’t even ask him,” my wife responded. “He’s certifiable. And one of them.”

“Look,” I said calmly, “I’m very easy to understand. Men are easy to understand. In fact, if you know just five things, you can predict a man’s behavior eighty percent of the time.”

“Hm,” Susan said and sighed, “then we oughta write a book . . .”

Understanding men–a simple concept. But how would you react to the statement: “Men are easy to understand”? With laughter? Chagrin? Disbelief? For most women, the male mind may as well have been programmed by alien beings.

I have counseled thousands of women. And the most common complaint voiced is, “I can’t understand my man’s behavior–he’s unpredictable, he’s erratic.” Or, more bluntly, “Testosterone poisoned his brain.” As fourteen-year-old Jill Malone put it, “I think, therefore I am not a man.”

Answers to questions about husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons however, do exist.

It takes two to tango, but men and women arrive at the dance from very different directions. And while one person cannot make nor break a relationship, it helps enormously to comprehend a partner’s thought concepts and patterns.

Through the following pages, we will unveil the five hidden keys to the male mind. These keys unlock the locks to the secret of men. By knowing and utilizing them, you can understand (and deal with) over eighty percent of a man’s behavior, as well as decipher the motivation behind it.

Sound far fetched? Men have presented an enigma for women since the time of Adam and Eve. But within closed analytic circles, the mystery called man is well known and well understood. This privileged information, combined with my extensive experience as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, will provide you with the keys for understanding the men in your midst.

Men’s minds work differently than do women’s. This is not a news flash. But it is both a biological and a psychological phenomenon.

All brains begin female. The presence of a Y chromosome in the fetus, however, means that the developing brain becomes influenced by testosterone, which alters its course. So perhaps the diagnosis of “testosterone poisoning” is not without some merit. In essence, a man’s brain is destined to be male from birth, with testosterone playing a vital part in this fate.

Of course, the psychological route of males progresses differently from that of females.

Many strive to explain how a man thinks, and how that differs from women’s thinking. Doing so provides useful information, but is only part of the story. We will go a step further, showing why a man thinks and acts the way he does, which broadens understanding, and makes the how a more valuable tool.

Checklists, case studies, and questionnaires follow each chapter, with specific steps for applying the insights to your daily life.

What, then, are these five keys?

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