I saw this on Facebook this morning (so it has to be true!  LOL), although no attribution was given: If you feel grateful but don’t express it, it’s like wrapping a present and not giving it.

rainbow in the clouds.

And while I’m usually not into FB wisdom, I liked this one.  A lot.  Because of course it rings true.

How often have you thought something really nice about somebody, but didn’t tell them?  How often have you been oh-so-grateful to someone for an act large or small, but forgot to mention it?  Or, ended a call, visit, etc., with a loved one and not stated your affection?

We all do this.  Life is hectic.  I know mine is.  Yours is too.  One thing I learned, however, long long ago is that it can also change in the blink of an eye.  Harshly.  In a way that you cannot fix.

As my mom used to say, “When someone’s gone, they’re just gone.”  Oh, how I miss her.  But every time I spoke with her, I told her I loved her.  And she, to me.  I can still hear her voice telling me so . . .

And while it’s true that those we love most likely know it, what if they don’t?  And even so, do you ever get tired of those close to you saying, “Love you,” in any of its forms?

Sometimes that expression, or that thanks, or even that compliment that goes unsaid could have brightened someone’s day.  What an opportunity missed!  Doesn’t even the idea just bring instant regret?  And I don’t like to feel regret.  Rather, I love the idea of making someone smile with genuine conveyed emotion.

We all have rivers to slog, demons to slay.  We’ve all walked through our own personal Hells.  Quite often we keep those to ourselves, so that no one knows.  Which means, the people we come into contact on a daily basis do so as well.  You never know what the grocery-store clerk has been through that day, what your colleague is facing in the inner-most reaches of her heart.  Even what a close friend might be battling in the dark of his night.

But somewhere, sometime, everybody is facing perils of some sort.

So, why chance it?  If by conveying the positive of what you feel for them—for anyone—lifts their spirits just an ounce, what a fabulous thing.  I don’t like to come from the negative, but sometimes it fits as in this quote from G.K Chesterton,    “The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.“

 Anything in life can be lost, at any time.  Life is just like that.  Despite all of our plans and preparations, all of our coats of protection, well, things happen.  And no one gets out of here alive.

I received a message on FB today (am quoting FB again! LOL) from a man I only know from there.  But he follows my writing, and is always so appreciative.  Just a brief note that said how much a specific post had brightened his day.  Made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

So my goal is to pass that on, to brighten someone else’s day.  At least once every day.  More if given the chance!  Do I always reach that goal?  No.  But that’s okay, because I know that where Intention lives, opportunities will arise to fulfill it.

How do you share your heart?





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