Body Sculpting: The Weisbeck Way

Body Sculpting: The Weisbeck Way



The ultimate fitness how-to, combining state-of-the-art nutrition and exercise, from the most successful trainer of pageant swimsuit winners to date.

“Trained with Chuck personally for Swimsuit Competition in the Miss America Organization (years ago). Girls came from all over the country, just to train with him … he was the BEST! I can still hear his voice saying “Boom, boom, boom, boom …” to push me when doing his famous “bun busters”. Was it hard and challenging? … YES … Was it worth it? … YES!! He was known in the industry as “Chuck the Butcher” because he “trims the fat”. No excuses, solid program and RESULTS! If you are dedicated, his insight and council will transform your body and overall health!! Oh how I wish there were MORE trainers out there like him.” –Dawn Siska, Miss America Competitor

“I knew Mr. Weisbeck personally and trained with him for several years. His exercise and nutrition plan was developed with years and years of knowledge. This is a very sound program that is not only going to help you develope the body your capable of, but it is a healthful program. You can’t go wrong.” –J. L. Carroll, LMT

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