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Happiness is a Story

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Stop Trying To Be Happy And Follow Your Bliss

STOP TRYING TO BE HAPPY AND FOLLOW YOUR BLISS Happiness. Everybody’s looking for it. I just googled the word and 40,000 hits came instantly up. Even I, a confirmed non-techy, realize that translates to lots of folks chasing it. But what is happiness? And how do you find it? The dictionary says: ‘Happiness results from the possession or attainment of what one considers good.’ Now, that’s about a lame description! And I know tons of folks (I’m sure you do too) who worked tirelessly to achieve what they considered to be good, only to find in the end they weren’t happy after all. And then they were pissed about that in addition to not being happy. Talk about adding insult to injury! As everyone likes to say: Money can’t buy you happiness. No, but it can sure buy you freedom ...
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