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Happiness is a Story

Showing kindness to myself

Teetering On The Edge Of Kindness

Why is it so much easier to be kind to others rather than myself?  Do you have that?  I know we always hear: “You can’t love others until you love yourself.”  And that’s the gods’ truth.  That one I learned a ways back. But kindness is a different story.  At least in my life.  I can be kind to my friends, my neighbors, my dogs, and strangers.  And am, most of the time.  I know when a friend needs a hand hold or a spa day.  And give those freely.  My dogs have an abundance of toys and chewy things and get to go running and swimming and sleep in the bed.  Yep, most folks say they want to come back as one of my furr kids.  And often, I think the same thing! So why is it that showing ...
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