A Texas-size Welcome (back) to my ‘Happiness is a Story’ Blog

A Texas-size Welcome (back) to my ‘Happiness is a Story’ Blog

Greetings, fellow intrepid readers! It’s been a while. And, boy have I missed y’all!

My birthday is today, so wanted all y’all to be part of the celebration as we launch the new website and blog!

Lots of exciting stuff going on here! I’ve updated my website and other branding to reflect my love of Texas female authors, famous Texas authors (and some wonderful not-so-famous ones), bluebonnets, Texas wines, and much Texas lore. It’s just my way of sharing a little piece of my heart.


So much has been going on here that putting it all into words is a challenge. But since words are what I do, I’ll give it a go 🙂

First off, welcome to my new website! Our new focus is Texas stories, and all things wonderful about our state. Thank you to renowned Texas photographer Rob Greebon for the beautiful imagery on our new site!

We have monthly Giveaways coming, filled with fun stuff and lovely gifts. Authors and readers will share their thoughts every month as well.

In our newly formatted newsletter, I’m excited to include a section that reminds us all to take time out for ourselves.  Wine Down will focus on little ways we can all make sure we make ourselves a priority.  And, after so much research into Texas grape growers and vintners for my upcoming new book (more on that a little later) I’ll also be sharing information on great Texas wines each month.  So many are just delicious! And we all need some relaxation time, no?

You can check out my custom t-shirts that will surely help you remember to “Wine Down…”

And, if you’re penning your own stories, take a look at The Writers’ Corner for a few tips on writing.  I promise to make that fun!

My goal is to bring you the best reading experience possible, not just from me but from other writers and readers as well, so every month we’ll also have Words from a Friend in our newsletter. I’d love to include what you’re reading or writing. This month features fabulous author Chris Manno, whose Texas novels are sure to cause both enjoyment and thought. He’s one of my very favs.

A final part of the newsletter, the News Page contains general news, upcoming contests and live events. And we’ll tell you more about our new photographer friend, Rob, here. I’m sure we’ll be working with him on future projects. Aren’t his images stunning!

A big part of our new format is that I will be doing giveaways every month as part of our ‘Texas Trinkets’ Contest. Our Bluebonnet Gift Boxes will be introduced. These boxes are filled with Texas novelties and trinkets as well as a signed copy of the short-story collection.

As many of you know, my short-story collection, Over the Pass, and Other Stories, came out a year ago. It’s garnered beautiful reviews, and was runner-up in the North Texas Book Festival. A signed copy will be included in the Bluebonnet Gift Box Giveaway.

As one reviewer said, “In the confection of short fiction, these are the truffles.”

What fun!

As I mentioned earlier, I just finished my new novel, The Angels’ Share, set in a Texas vineyard and winery, which is now represented by a long-standing literary agent. The book is out on submission to major publishers, so all fingers crossed (and all good thoughts about this are much appreciated!).

So, lots of writing’s been going on here, which has just been heaven.  As with any novelist, I’m most happy when creating my fictional worlds, peopled with characters both crazy and sublime J

We’ve endured some pretty wacky weather here in Texas this year, and while my writing was only impacted a little because of power outages, I was able to do it the old-fashioned way: with pen and paper.

As most of you already know, I am a Labrador show breeder, and one of the best things about being a show breeder is that I have a new puppy every year.  This last litter of all blacks had one yellow interloper in the mix.

Meet Sparkler (Bearpaw’s Dancing in the Dark)

So like you, I’ve had a lot going on this past year 🙂  I’m so glad to have you on this journey with me, of reading and books, Texas authors and all things wonderful about our state. If you’re not from or live in Texas, don’t worry, we’ll adopt you!

So saddle up and come along for the ride! By Signing Up you get a free short story, because I love living in this world of words and want to share my happiness with you.

I’m going to go celebrate now with great friends and great wine. Thank you for being the best part of my celebration today!

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  1. Hi Susan! So nice to see you “back in the saddle again!” I’ve missed your wisdom and your perspective so it will be great to hear from you on a regular basis. I received your email so I’m guessing I am already signed up for your blog and will receive your new posts when they come out. Happy Birthday to you and all the new things you have planned. ~Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy,
      So fab to see you here! I’ve missed you and your wisdom as well. And thank you for the birthday wishes!

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