21 Wonderful Things To Be Happy About And They Are Not What You Think

21 Wonderful Things To Be Happy About And They Are Not What You Think

Although this life may indeed be filled with sadness and despair, it’s also chock full of happiness and laughter.  And whenever I’m blue, counting the latter turns my world back to smiles.

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So let’s see how many things we can find to be happy about.

1). Politics.  Isn’t that a funny one to start off with?  Didn’t just the instant image of the political climate make you laugh?  We have the PT Barnum show going on!  And no matter your predilection, even the most serious political student chuckles now and then!

2). Murphey the puppy frolicking about.  I bet you have a fur kid that makes you laugh as well!  At our house, this is an especially fun age as we’re still in cute puppyhood but pretty much potty trained.  Yahoo!

3). Anything creative.  Anything!  No matter if you write stories or paint pictures or sculpt in clay, no matter if you’re into crafts or songs or whatever venue you choose, expressing your creativity results in that satisfied smile.  And since my new story is out . . . 🙂

4). Fall is in the air.  Now, that makes everybody happy!  After a long hot summer that first breath on a crisp wind, ahhh!

5). We are in a time of relative peace and prosperity.  At least in this country.  No matter all the bad news blaring from pundits, etc., our country is not at declared war (Afghanistan, notwithstanding).  And folks are getting by, financially.  Although the converse is surely true, focusing on the good that we have sure makes me smile.

6). Friends.  The glue that binds us to one another.  When going through a rough time, as our small group of breeder friends is doing, we have one another to hold us up.  What on earth do people do without comrades?

7). The great books of Autumn coming out. I don’t know about you, but ah, this season of new talent and works always helps me to see that creativity is alive and thriving and well!  And I just ordered the new Alice Hoffman . . .

8). Things working out. Don’t you love when a plan comes together?  We all have so many areas of our lives needing tending that it’s oh-so-wonderful when part of it works as it’s supposed to.

9). Things not working out.  Sometimes a tough one to be happy about!  But always encased in that is something to learn.  A golden nugget that will make your life better next time.  A good thing indeed!

10). Rain in California.  Thank God!  Putting out those nasty fires is cheer worthy!

11). Time off.  Even if you aren’t going to an exotic island, having time off to recharge is fabulous.

12). Chocolate.  That goes without saying.  How did it get to be number twelve?

13). That first sip of coffee in the morning.  Ahhh!  Or tea if that’s your preference.  Isn’t it wonderful?

14). A nice walk in the cool morning air.  Doesn’t that just get you going?  And all those great hormones that releases.  Don’t you feel better already?

15). It’s football season!  Okay, I know this doesn’t make everyone happy.  But even the women I know who aren’t into our national pastime (sorry, baseball) smile because their spouses are, and they get some free time 🙂   Not that they don’t love those spouses!  But we all need space now and then.

16). Work.  Especially if you’re doing something that spurs on your passion.  But even if not, applying yourself to whatever job on the planet, doing it well, brings some satisfaction. And the more we focus on that, the more we like our jobs.

17). Apples and pumpkins and pears, oh my!  Don’t you just love the fruits of fall?

18). Halloween. And it’s just around the corner!  All the little goblins and witches and werewolves and candy corn.  I think candy corn is around the rest of the year but I actually never see it.  Funny how our eyes see what we’ve programmed our minds with, no?

19). Wine.  That goes without saying too!

20). Flames licking logs in the fireplace.  Okay, so it’s too hot here for that right now, but it’s on the horizon. I can already smell the pine scent wafting through my house . . .

21). The way life goes marching on.  We’ve had babies here.  My niece had her boy, Clark James, in June, and my nephew is expecting his second in November!  The stork leaving any packages your way?

What causes you to be happy?


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  1. 6,12,13 and 19 are peachy-keen for me!!!!!! Ahmmmmmm. Serenity now!

  2. Susan, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful moments in life that we often take for granted! Such great reminders about the simplicity of life and the joy it cultivates! Mwah! Thanks!

    1. We do often take those moments for granted, Sheila. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. Hi Susan! I so agree (I’ll bet you knew that!) that focusing on what makes you smile and laugh is always the surest path to feeling good. Of course, I’m not sure I could put politics on mine at this point in my life. But it really doesn’t matter whether anyone see the humor the same way we do or not, does it? It really only matters what makes our heart sing. Thanks for reminding me of that VERY important thing today. ~Kathy

    1. So very true, Kathy: “It only matters what makes our heart sing.” You hit the essence of it! Thank you 🙂

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