14 Things That Make Me Smile

14 Things That Make Me Smile

Because boy, do I ever love to smile.  It makes me happy.  Which makes me smile more!

14 Things that Make Me Smile

So I often just think of things that do so.

Here’s this morning’s list:

  1.       Labradors swimming in the tank.

Which we did this morning early!  Because when we train water, they smile.  Big, fat, joyous smiles, with water spraying everywhere.  Which makes me happy.

  1.        The birds outside my window right now, fluttering in the bird bath. 

God knows it’s hot, hot, hot!  And those birds are having a raucously good time. Wings all a-flutter and the slight slanting through causing prisms all around.

  1.        Peaches.

Coming off my tree.  By the boatload!  How cool is that?  All that juice running down my chin, the taste sensations on my tongue, ah!

  1.       Writing.

Okay, so that’s always my perpetual way to finding happiness.  And as I type this, I realize that always and perpetual is redundant.  Don’t’cha just love words?  They tweak me 🙂

  1.        Fudge.

How can you eat fudge and not smile?  Especially made by the brilliant pastry chef Beth Clark.  Whose confections are world class.  And who delivered me some for my birthday!  Yum!

  1.        My new puppy, Murphey.

Who can’t go swimming yet because she doesn’t have all her vacs, but watches from as close as she can get, longingly!  But then she got to retriever her little dokken many times and boy, was that ever the coolest beans ever!  If I ever need look for something to make me smile, I need glance no further than my feet.  Too cute for words.  How can you not have a Labrador puppy? 

Woops—I think she just peed on the carpet . . .   Bad mom!

  1.       Coffee. 

Mine is my fav this morning—Hawaiian from Keurig.  Maybe I’m not supposed to name names!  LOL.  But it’s soooo good!  Don’t you just love that rich cup of coffee all a-steaming?

  1.       A talk with my good friend Nancy this morning.

Okay, so a talk with my good friends always makes me smile.  But this was in the middle of the morning, and I felt as if playing hooky.  And we laughed and cried some too, but it was just the best visit . . .

  1.       This cool Joseph Campbell quote I read this morning:

“Just as anyone who listens to the muse will hear, you can write out of your own intention or out of inspiration. There is such a thing. It comes up and talks. And those who have heard deeply the rhythms and hymns of the gods, the words of the gods, can recite those hymns in such a way that the gods will be attracted.”

Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey, p.124

OMG, is that just the coolest?  I just wrote an editorial blog post on this very thing! Yes, you can outline plots, but wow, when the characters take off on their own stories and you just get to chase after them, there’s nothing, nothing, nothing in the world like it.  What a rush!

  1.        Texting with my blogging coach right now, Renee, who just make me laugh out loud! She’s such a hoot. I think she wants me to do more stuff!  More tasks than I’m doing?  How funny is that?  🙂
  2.        The arcs for my new novel!

Oh, what a rush!  I Just Came Here to Dance will be out soon! Pub date September 15, 2015!  SO excited!

How did that get to be number 11?  LOL.

Because I just now thought of it as I’m smiling about everything else 🙂 

  1.        Such huge support for the book from my friends!

All of whom are so excited for it.  Cheering it on! I have the best friends in the entire world J

  1.       My stitches come out tomorrow.

Now that makes me smile!  Boy, am I ever ready.  They’re starting to pull and . . . well, you know about stitches!

  1.        That I have so many things to smile about, makes me smile even more!


And did I mention I like to smile?  It makes me happy and . . .

What makes you smile?


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  1. Puppies are always smile-worthy. 🙂 You need to teach her to ring a bell to go out. I taught my girls to ring a string of bells when they need out…took just a couple times for them to figure it out…and now they ring the bells to let me know the cat wants in. 🙂

    1. I love the bell ringing, Jean! My good friend Cherita has a boy of mine, whom she taught to ring the bell. Now of course he rings it whenever he wants to go out, not just when he needs to! Lol. If I did it here, I’d have a constant symphony!

  2. Hi, the simple things that my little girl do makes me smile, i love to hear her giggle while playing with her puppy. A Smile makes my day brighter and more beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Great Read.

    1. Oh, just the image of your daughter giggling while playing with her puppy makes ME smile! Thank you so much for that!

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