Texas Trinkets Giveaway

May, 2019 Launch

The month of May was named for Maia, the Greek Goddess of fertility. So, this month I  want to be fruitful and multiply the number of friends and partners that I connect with so I’m launching our Texas Trinkets giveaway program.

Every month you’ll have a chance to win:

  • An autographed copy of Over the Pass, and Other Stories
  • A special reader coffee mug
  • Texas tea cakes
  • A special The Angels’ Share key chain (or wine charm)
  • Homemade bluebonnet soap
  • And, a few more special treats from me

Since this is our first Texas Trinkets giveaway we’ll be recognizing the May birthstone, the emerald.  And while we won’t have a real emerald in our special package, we will be keeping that in mind.  So, go ahead and enter so you’ll have a chance to win this special addition. 

You must be 18 or older to enter. Only one entry person is allowed. 

Winners will be notified via email and announced on Facebook. 

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