Keynote Speaker

Susan Mary Malone loves to entertain readers and teach writers, to talk about stories and myths, happiness and purpose. She teaches at writers’ conferences, and speaks at libraries and to book clubs. She has served as a guest lecturer to creative-writing programs at colleges and pubic schools all over the country.

Just a few topics she speaks with readers about:

  • “Do Myths have Meaning?”
    Journey with Susan into the world of traditional myths, to find their real meanings, and how that relates to everyday life.
  • “Is Happiness a Myth?”
    How does one ‘find’ happiness? What does it mean to follow your bliss, and does that make you happy?
  • “The Path from Surviving to Thriving”
    We’re all survivors of something in this life. How do you put that in the past in order to thrive?
  • “When Passion goes Dry”
    Life can sure de-passion you! Where did that go and how can you get it back?

To bring Susan to speak at your event or teach at your conference, workshop, or seminar, please send a letter detailing the nature of your event, date, time, and location, travel and lodging info, honorarium amount, and contact information to