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Fear of failure

Stop Holding Yourself Back

​Don’t we live in a world where success is just everything? All the motivational gurus, all the self-help books, all the talk shows and etc., etc. — all are espousing success and how to get there.And God knows, I’m not advocating for failure. Although it can sure teach us a lot.But so often what I […]

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Ways to keep calm

The Power of Silence in a Chaotic World

Do you ever feel as though you’re running like the proverbial chicken without a head? Maybe not always, but sometimes or even often?Many times it feels like my litany of tasks wants to flap around like chicken feathers fighting for flight. The responsibilities quite often seem (and are) endless.I’m sure you know the feeling.And that […]

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7 tips on how to find your creative spirit

7 Tips on How to Find Your Creative Spirit Again

Creativity. A must have for us, no? Whether you’re a novelist, blogger, sculptor or baker—or with anything you’re truly invested in doing—we need that creative muse to inspire us and enrich our work.And how frustrating when that very creativity flies for the summer to Brazil.We all have that happen, no? When you just can’t find […]

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Do You Know the Secret about Time?

Time has been a bugaboo for me for, well, quite some time.  I’m one of those who used to say often, “I don’t have enough time.” I might have said it yesterday too. Haven’t you been there?  When you’re working so hard but despite your best efforts, enough hours in the day to get everything […]

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Successful People Have More Than 7 Habits

We all know of Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.   On the bestseller list for decades now, it’s de rigueur for all business types.  And for people just wanting to better themselves and their lives. Although it has revolutionized the business world, the habits themselves aren’t that revolutionary.  I.e., you read them […]

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Old Habits Die Hard But I Swear I Will Kill This One

Are you working on breaking a habit? That seems perpetual sometimes, no?  I mean, we can always improve.  And that improvement comes down to working on habits of the mind. Because of course, that’s where they live. I was a born skeptic.  At least, I can never remember a time in this lifetime when I […]

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Can You Make Positive Thinking A Habit?

Only if you want it to work! We know all the wonderful ways thinking positive affects us.  We’ve listed countless studies showing that those who maintain a good attitude are healthier, more successful, and just live better danged lives. So you don’t have to undertake this as a project.  What you allow purchase in your […]

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If You Gotta Have Habits, These Are Good Ones To Have

I bet you can list your bad habits.  Can’t’cha?  When you think of habits, what pops right up are all those things you need to change.  Been meaning to change.  Know you should change.  Promised your spouse, your mother, you would . . .   Etc. Because that’s what we tend to focus on—what we do […]

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