susan mary malone

Author Bio

Native Texan Susan Mary Malone grew up on the wings of fairytales and mythical creatures. Her gran introduced her to stories of unicorns dancing across the night sky, teaching her that dreams can become realities. Her aunties acquainted her with gremlins hidden in dark places that scare the bejesus out of little children, showing her not to take things at face value—trust is learned. And her salt-of-the-earth mother taught her that by facing both fantasies and fears, she would find life’s footing. 

And that, she did. Susan found that dreams do come true, being “trusted” is as important as “trusting,” and writing gives her the place to explore all those emotions through the characters she creates. 

So, with that upbringing, it’s not completely peculiar that real magic infuses her fiction, the pairing of illusion and fact often revealing pure truth. Couple that with the sense of place Texas instills in her work, and you have a wacky recipe for eccentric characters on epic quests through arid lands that might exist. Or, might not. 

Her happiness includes literature, wine, and Labrador Retrievers, the latter of which she raises, trains, and shows. Drawn from childhood bonds with dogs, to books she read about them, now Susan includes canines in her own world of words as well. 

With the blood of strong Texas women coursing through her veins, Susan’s stories revolve around the passion and purpose, the myths and meaning empowering women’s lives. The tales she creates, Texan in bent, feature resilient female protagonists making their way in realms slightly tilted, with a trusty Labrador often perched on the porch. 

Because myths are real, no? They resonate with the deepest parts of our psyche, the intuition four-leggeds know to rely on, and women do well to trust. That world can (okay, often does) include wine, although she keeps the Labradors out of that. Which they don’t mind, as wine for Mom means extra cookies for them too.     

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