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Susan Mary Malone

Susan Mary Malone is crazy happy about literature, Labradors, and wine, the order depending upon the day. Maybe the hour. Or as her latest novel, I Just Came here to Dance, begins: “Some folks said I went crazy that summer.” Apparently she never entirely returned! You can read her daily thoughts and musings on her blog, Happiness is a Story, right here (or by clicking the “Blog” link above!)

Susan is the author of six traditionally-published books, which you can check out by clicking on the covers below or by clicking on the “Books” link above, and is currently working on a novel set in a Texas vineyard and winery. She loves to entertain readers and teach writers, to talk about stories and myths, happiness and purpose, and has served as a guest lecturer to creative-writing programs at colleges and pubic schools all over the country.

She is also a successful freelance book editor and, when not in a world of myths and stories, native-Texan Malone raises, trains, and shows Labrador Retrievers though Bear-Paw Labradors.

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